They Brought Home a Baby Human!!!

It was an unusual evening. We were back at my mama’s parents’ home in Nahan (come to think of it, we spend an obscene amount of time there) and there was an unusual humdrum about the house. Everyone was asking mama to relax, stay calm but she seemed really ruffled up and uneasy. Dinner was done but no one seemed in the mood to hit the bed. Instead, bags were brought out and my humans began packing in haste. I was losing my mind at the sight of all these bags. Whenever these folks pack their bags, I get a sinking feeling that they are going to leave me behind and go away forever.

And that night, I was going to live my worst fear. No one touched my leash, my food bowls stayed in place. I waited anxiously for them to pick up my stuff, cuz I don’t care where the hell they are going. I HAVE to go along.

The driver rolled out the car, bags were neatly stashed in the boot. I was watching the drama unfold from a window, crying, howling and barking in my not-so-subtle attempt to remind them that they were forgetting something behind. Just before it was mama’s turn to sit in the car, she dashed back in the house. I jumped with excitement. After all, she was coming back for me. Instead, she planted a kiss on my forehead and asked me to be a good boy while she was gone, promising to be back soon. I retired to a corner and sobbed quietly after everyone had left. One of mama’s uncles had kindly agreed to keep me company while my humans were gone but I couldn’t care less. I wanted my mama. I cried.

The next morning, mama’s dad was home to look after me. I was relived but there was still no sign of mama. I waited and waited, hours turned into days and an entire week rolled by but she didn’t return. I was convinced that mama had finally left me. There was no better explanation to my predicament. I beat myself up for being too naughty. Why else would my doting mama just abandon me like that!

Just when I had given up all hope, mama’s parents came back home, and dad’s parents – who live in some other house far, far away – were with them. My joy knew no bound, they were back, my humans, my family. I went berserk, jumping all over the house and licking whoever’s face I could reach and howling with excitement. It took me a minute to realise my folks were still not there but it was still better than not having anyone around. I had barely settled down when mama walked in, she looked frail and tired. Dad was home too, he was holding her, helping her walk. I gave a repeat of my I’m-happy-you-are-home performance.

In my excitement, I did not notice that mama’s mom was holding something in her arms when she walked through the door. She placed that lump-like thing in the centre of the bed. The madness in me subsided and everyone settled down for tea. I lay at mama’s feet and cried softly as she stroked my head. And then, I heard someone else cry. It was an unfamiliar voice. I looked around to see what the hell was up. The sound was coming from that lump-like thing mama’s mom had brought into the house. I propped myself on the bed to take a closer look, mama warned me to be careful, to keep my paws away. I looked down and saw a baby human! My folks brought home a baby human!!!

Dad said they had brought home a little sister for me to play with but mama kept telling me to stay away from the tiny human lying next to her. How the hell was I gonna play with her if I wasn’t allowed to touch her. They never stop me from touching my chew toys, then why not her. When I didn’t listen, mama chided me and asked me to go away.

Dude, I was overwhelmed with all these mixed emotions. I mean here I was missing mama so much that barely ate while she was gone and there she was getting herself a new baby. Who was ever gonna love me again now that they have a tiny baby human to play and cuddle with. I went to the corner just like mama asked me to and sulked. All this while I was thinking mama was growing fat cuz she was too lazy to get moving and here she was growing a baby in her belly. And no one bothered to tell me about it the whole time. Or maybe they did mention something about a baby a few times. I can’t seem to recall.

This baby human slept next to my mama, fed off her, got more than her fair share of cuddles and what not. My fate now was to sulk in a corner for the rest of my life, I was convinced.

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